The suite of MEASURE products was designed as a one-stop solution for companies looking for greater efficiency in their business. Analytics products can be complicated, inflexible, and expensive to implement. We created MEASURE to counter this, offering a versatile, easily deployed product with deep insight into pillars of your business.

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Product Line

Measure Analytics

10 mainstream reports covering sales, pipeline, contacts, KPIS. Performance...

Measure Tracking

Organize your historical data providing you with meaningful lists of contacts.

Measure Tasks

Allows stakeholders to build escalation timeframes, ensuring you won’t miss a beat...

Measure HR & Finance

Gain insight into your HR and finance providing micro and macro insight into these business crit...


MEASURE was a deeply researched concept evolving over a decade. The culmination of years of feedback from stakeholders. All with back office, reporting and business process problems. We listened to their problems and bolted together a multifaceted one stop solution underpinned by first class technology.

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We are passionate about the technology we have built. We are also passionate about getting to understand your challenges and your business.

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